Analysis capability for reliability & failure mode

Raytek introduced wafer level FIB , established the procedure of reliability & failure analysis. And continue to develop the necessary capability to match customer demanding in product reliability & quality.


Categor Equipment Model Capability
Reliability HAST KSON HAST-S PLUS Temp: 105C~132C
Humidity: 75% ~ 100%
HTS ESPEC PV-212M 20C~200C
Failure Analysis FE SEM JEOL JSM-IT300HR 5X ~ 600,000X
Ion Milling JEOL IB-19500CP Ion Bean Etching and Cutting
Polisher Struers Tegramin-20 40 ~ 600 rpm
Cutter Struers Minitom Low‐speed precision cut-off
Wafer Level SEM/FIB/EDS FEI Helios 1200AT Wafer level SEM for 300mm wafer

Robot quality control system

Robot systems below were applied into production line to assure without any of human mistake happening

  • EAP (Equipment Automation Program)
  • RF ID
  • SPC
  • RMS (Recipe Management System)
  • MES (Manufacturing Executive System)