Small form factor, lower power consumption, and high-performance product with low cost create strong market demand for RDL in memory, which can re-route I/O and make integration of MCP (Multi-Chip-Package) and SiP (System in Package) achievable. Application: DRAM, Nor Flash, Wi-Fi, RF Switch, FPGA, Communication Security Chip, and Power Transistor.


  1. Wafer Size: 12-inch(300mm), 6-inch(150mm)
  2. Structure & Material: Cu/Ni/Au RDL to support Memory makers in flexible pad layout KGD to meet variant end-users in SiP design. This KGD chip is compatible with Au and Cu wire bonds in the assembly process. Polyimide curing at 200°C (low temp) and 375°C (high temp).
  3. Design: Cu RDL combines with copper pillar bump or lead-free bump to serve Fan-in & Fan-out WLCSP.
  4. Base Material: RDL on glass serves to advance package with glass carrier.
  5. Trace Width: 5/5 um fine pitch RDL is suitable for design feasibility, and it has the same wire bond compatibility with Au wire and Cu wire bond as the standard RDL (Ultra Slim RDL).
  6. Turnkey Solution: Provide WLCSP Turnkey Service, including Bumping, Test, Grinding, Dicing, Tape & Reel.


  1. Applicable Products: DRAM, Nor Flash, WiFi, RF Switch, FPGA, Communication Security Chip, Power Transistor, ...

1RDL Fine Line solution (5/5)

8 um/8 um STD RDL

5 um/5 um Fine Pitch

Process Flow of RDL (2P1M)