Choosing Raytek to achieve your future

Choosing Raytek to achieve your future As for the growing application of smart device in each area, such as IOT, Auto, smart home, healthy engineering, each kind of logic IC might need specialty DRAM to handle big data and graph-processing, and RDL process is the key component for the specialty DRAM. Also end products like PMIC, RFIC requested the driving force of high performance and form factor. All of them require the support of “small volume, large variety” production, customized design service and Time to market. Raytek management team come from worldwide top tier bumping house, we will optimize our experience in this field, and shorted the learning curve while establish a new production line, and also

  • Offering whole size wafer RDL & Bumping service 100mm(4”),150mm(6”), 200mm(8”), 300mm(12”) to match all kind of customer demanding
  • Offering customized thick copper RDL, thick polyimide service
  • Meet “small volume, large variety” service demanding,
  • “Time To Market” support with shorter cycle time
  • Customized RDL re-layout and RLC re-extraction,
  • Provide QIF level product quality,
  • “One stop” wafer backend service offering,

One-Stop.Turn Key

  • For the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, it covers wafer fabrication, Re-distribution/bumping, wafer test and assembly and module; information integration covers technology, capacity, delivery and quality. Since the product fabrication flow is long, it would be a heavy and complicated supply chain management to IDM or system design house, thus Raytek would provide the “One-stop, turnkey” total solution to our customers.

  • Raytek is strategically allied with several Taiwan wafer testing and assembly houses, no matter it’s logic or memory product, we could work closely to provide solid and intact service to end customers.

  • Whenever you need support, Raytek and our alliance will be here to provide you “one-stop, turnkey” supply chain management service.


  • Fan-out WLP tech developing partner

    Driven by application market, overall cost of the chip package/assembly is getting cheaper and cheaper. Size shrinking, low energy consuming and faster data exchange will become the main stream of future technology development. Raytek firmly believe that Fanout technology will become the main stream in WLP, and the key elements in Fanout technology – bumping and RDL is our core technology, Raytek will continuously invest the human and technical resource to develop the fanout technology, and we also welcome design house and wafer fab to work together to create the win-win business.

  • Biochip tech developing partner

    Based on our past experience, Raytek has cumulated abundant experience in biochip design and assembly, thus we could provide related design, backend assembly technology and production service to Bio Layer development company which could effectively shorten product lead time to the medical market. Raytek warmly welcome Bio Layer design company to work together with us, and win the market ahead of everyone else, We sincerely hope to grow the business of bio-chip marketing –with you.