Remuneration Welfare

  • The salary and welfare would be only adhered to your performance and project achievement status, regardless the gender, age, race, religion, politics, marital status, etc.

  • Festival bonus: Dragon Boat Festival bonus for 0.5 month; Mid-autumn Festival bonus for 0.5 month; the year-end bonus for 1 month.

  • With labor insurance, NHI, pension system and group insurance (free);

  • be superior to the over calculation of the Labor Standards Act;

  • be superior to the annual leave system of the Labor Standards Act;

  • Vouchers for birthday, 3 festivals, and the Labor Day on May 1.

  • Retirement Welfare: According to the new retirement system, the labor pension will be allocated to the personal account of the employee by month.


Employee Communication

  • According to the “Labor-management Meeting Implementation Regulation” announced by the Ministry of Labor, the “Labor-management Meeting Committee” is founded. The representatives of the employers and the employers are invited to participate, and the opinions and rights of all employees are guaranteed by the committee. In addition, the monthly meeting activities are held regularly to provide labor and management exchanges. In a diverse and smooth communication environment, Raytek's labor-management relationship is mutually trustworthy and harmonious, and there has not been any impact on employee relations or losses due to labor disputes.

  • Raytek is committed to creating a comprehensive communication channel, providing a face-to-face communication platform and creating a friendly working environment. We will vigorously promote gender equality and reject gender discrimination. For recruitment, testing, use, distribution, distribution, performance appraisal or promotion, we will not be treated differently because of gender or sexual orientation. If you feel uncomfortable, please provide us with Feedback, you can send an email to the following email address, and your application will be answered by someone.
  • Gender equality

Respect Rights of Freedom

  • Fully respect the rights of employees to associate freely, participate in any legitimate organization or trade union, and encourage employees to exercise citizenship and fully respect the individual party orientation of employees.


Employee Health Examination

  • Health Examination subsidy for new employee

  • There will be regular Health Examination arranged to the employees every year. For the employees whose examination results are abnormal, the doctors of the Medical Examination Center will be arranged to instruct the individual health and health knowledge respectively. If necessary, the employee will be arranged to take medical treatment.

  • Health center, nursery room will be installed, and the resident doctor will provide the service of medical advice.

Raytek Activity

Club Activity

  • With a variety of clubs such as basketball clubs, bicycle clubs, badminton clubs, jogging clubs, and table-tennis clubs, you can find like-minded friends through community activities, adding a touch of color to your work life.

Recreation Activity

  • Every year there will be irregular mountain climbing, road race, Mid-autumn Festival barbequing, and other activities, and elevating the cohesiveness among the employees.