Front-Side Metal & Backside Grinding Backside Metal


  1. Wafer Size: 8-inch(200mm)
  2. Metal: Ti/ NiV/ Ag; Ti/Cu, layer thickness could be adjusted to fit demand.
  3. BG Thinning ability: 12 inch wafer : Min. 175 um, 8inch wafer: Min. 150 um.
  4. Enhance metal adhesion by sputtering process.
  5. Provide Bumping (SnAg Bump), RDL (Cu/Ni/Au Redistribution Layer) and SFM (Solderable Front Side Metal) service as per customer request.
  6. Enhanced good metal adhesion between the wafer and PVD Ti/NiV/Ag.
  7. The thickness of Ti/NiV/Ag could vary depends on product specs.


  1. Power IC, Power Mosfet, IGBT, 3D IC, LED…

BGBM Process Flow