Raytek Culture and Teamwork

  • We have a concise, efficient and fully authorized team, and teamwork is advocated within our company.

  • Raytek team is consisted of experts in WLP package, from the cleanroom establishment, recipe setup to equipment maintenance, we advocate abundant resource to each area, every new comer could be fast growing and strive the excellence in our experience sharing.


  • Employee bonus;

  • Guarantee annual salary for 14 months; (Dragon Boat Festival bonus 0.5 month, Mid-Autumn Festival bonus 0.5 month and year-end bonus 1 month)

  • Have labor insurance, health insurance, pension system, and group insurance (free);

  • Overtime will be calculated superior to the Labor Standards Act;

  • Leave-taking system will be superior to the Labor Standards Act;

  • Voucher for birthday, festivals, and Labor Day on May 1st;

  • Install the subsidy dining fees for employee canteen and company;

  • There will be subsidy of medical examination for new employees, and the regular and free health examination for the employees;

  • There will be health center, breast-feeding room, and resident doctor in the factory, and providing the advisory services for medical treatment;

  • Menstruation Leave;

Career Development

  • Equipment could be only depreciated, no growth, and it could not learn the new skill. But in Raytek, we are funded with solid fully automation science management, routine operation is systematically handled, we believe in the people potential, people should dedicate themselves in high value added activities after they are fully invested.

  • Compared with educational background, Raytek would rather believe in people capability. There are several successful examples here – They face the challenge with open minded attitude and aggressive working attitude, and then create the high value specialty for themselves. Say goodbye ignorant Sentimental, Raytek more attention is the shoulder not afraid to challenge and shoulder mission. Welcome to join us, we will provide you the chance to prove yourself.


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